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Keyboard + Crosswalk

I was in my studio when I read the prompt of this side quest. The first thing I saw was my keyboard piano. I thought that that the pattern of the keyboard is very much similar to the pattern of a crosswalk. I found a high-definition photo of a city crosswalk as the main background. Then I had to do some editing for the picture of a Juno Keyboard that I found online. The Keyboard had too much other buttons and features that would not fit in the overall image, which is why I cropped most of the keyboard, only leaving the black-and-white keyboard pattern. I thought the concept of music and street noises is interesting, so my main goal was to connect the two images into one to, making it seem like the pedestrians are coming out of the keys and going over the crosswalk. Therefore, I made the cropped image of the keyboard semi-transparent (around 60%) and merged it with the crosswalk and the pedestrians on the right side of the road.


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